Audio slideshows with Reveal.js

Created by Asvin Goel

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  • Reveal.js is an HTML presentation framework with which you can easily create and share beautiful presentations.
  • The audio-slideshow plugin allows you to easily add audio playback to each slide of your presentation.

With audio slideshows you can add recorded audio to whatever you want to deliver to your audience.

Listen to the birds.

By using the slideshow recorder plugin you can easily record audio to be played in your slideshow.

Just press 'r' to start or stop recording audio (and allow the browser to use the microphone).

You can download a ZIP-file containing the recorded audio by pressing 'z'.

The plugin also allows you to use text-to-speech to read the slide for you.

By pressing 't' all audio files generated from the text-to-speech converter can be fetched and downloaded.


The audio controls can also be used to control videos.

Synchronised audio and video

Source: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (NASA-MSFC)

Unlike screencasts based on video recordings of slide decks, audio slideshows with Reveal.js

  • have very small resource requirements,
  • allow you to easily navigate within the slide deck,
  • allow you to use interactive elements embedded into the slide decks,
  • are text based and can be indexed by search engines.

The end

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